Steve Turner (UK)

3pm, Sunday 22nd January 2023

Steve Turner

Steve Turner is known as a pioneer of highly sophisticated English concertina song accompaniments, stretching the boundaries of traditional forms, with one of the best voices in the business. He is a multi-instrumentalist, who also accompanies himself on the cittern, and also plays mandolin and banjo.

After a thirteen year break, building up an internationally known stringed instrument business, he made a welcome return to performing in folk clubs and festivals in 2005.

Steve’s 5th album, his first for 22 years " The Whirligig of Time" was long-listed for the BBC folk awards in 2008. His 6th album " Rim of the Wheel" was released in spring 2012 and received rave reviews – David Kidman in N.E. Folk Roundabout called it “sheer genius a sure contender for one of my folk albums of 2012”

In the F/Roots August/September 2014 edition Nancy Kerr in her "Rocket Launcher" interview when asked "what was the best gig you ever saw?" answered "the best spot I've seen recently was Steve Turner - total intensive musical focus and a vast serious repertoire".

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"The best spot I've seen recently was Steve Turner - total intensive musical focus and a vast serious repertoire." - Nancy Kerr

"A shining example of the music the British folk scene is capable of producing." - Folk Roots

"Steve Turner has been turning into one of this country's finest male singers and performers of folk-song [...] with him you can truly say that he has shown all the qualities of a great singer and interpreter of folk song." - Swing 51 (National Folk Magazine)

"This is one of my all time favourite records. This album is so well constructed [...] the changing pace and the brilliance of the arrangements keep me glued. - The Broadsheet (Scotland on BRAIDING)