3pm, Sunday 8th May, 2022 [CANCELLED]


Snez-Promo-Photo-200.jpgThe music of SNEZ embodies the art of songwriting in its most personal and universal forms.

This enchanting songstress has a forte for describing the experiences of everyday life in a way that resonates with people everywhere, articulating moments of deep pain and pure joy.

Coming from a Macedonian working-class family, where stories about hardship, romance, black magic, mysticism and work ethic have been passed down through generations, Snez subtly weaves these influences into her own stories and songs, and in the process produces tantalizingly personal and intimate performances.

Visit her web site.

"That bloody Peter Pan song [Never Grow Old] . . . up there with any song I've EVER heard live . . . the audience went berserk!" - Jeff Cripps - Blues Producer of the Year.

"We often have singer/songwriters come in and you think …it’s a cookie cutter, it’s same songs about boys and cars…but [with Snez] it is very personal; SNEZ's music is very emotional."

“Absolutely Beautiful” - Christopher Lawrence, ABC Radio

“….Snez exudes beauty, passion & charisma….mesmerizing” - Jim Shipstone Ex MD BMG Music Publishing

“ Lovely, Rich, Clever’ - Clare Burgess, Regal Records

“OK! I'm fessin' up . . . only had the album less than 24 hours and I'm addicted! Such multi-faceted music from such a distinctive vocalist . . . its delicious!” - Maureen O’Brien, Festival Director of Folk in Broke

“Very artistic and soulful. A real gem in a world of cubic zirconia’s” - Linda Wood, Myspace


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