I don't go shearing now

7pm, Friday 31st March 2023

I don't go shearing now

Modern Australia was born of hard yakka, and how, in the colonial era, we rode high on the sheep’s back. The graziers, drovers and shearers were justifiably proud of their contribution to Australia’s well-being and their stories, songs and poems remain to remind us of that golden age. The wool industry remains an important part of the Australian story and one worth celebrating.

 ‘I Don’t Go Shearing Now’ is a themed musical salute to shearing and the wool industry. Devised and written by internationally-renowned folk singer Martyn Wyndham-Read, the show uses readings combined with old and new songs, recitations, bush tunes and humour. Listeners are transported back to the noisy days of hand-shearing and early machine-shearing where the yell of “Rouseabout - Tar Here!” and “Wool away!” resound once again. The songs include classic works from Henry Lawson like ‘The Shearer’s Dream’ and ‘Past Carin’’, several anonymous songs much-loved by yesterday’s shearers, and a couple of recent compositions of Martyn’s.

Martyn Wyndham-Read, spent much of his earlier years in Australia where he was considered one of our most influential folk performers. Martyn has recorded over 30 albums, including many featuring his Australian repertoire. He will be joined by Australian historian, singer and (sometimes) actor, Warren Fahey, and longtime Bushwacker’s Band member, Clare O’Meara.

This is a night not to be missed.