Bright Blue Gorilla (US)

3pm, Sunday 18th March 2018

Mr Rudolpho's Jubilee
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Bright Blue Gorilla (Award Winning Filmmakers & Musicians from Los Angeles) are touring Australia for the very first time! Join them for a concert and movie screening, in their Sydney debut, at Humph Hall on Sunday March 18th.
Mr. Rudolpho’s Jubilee is a romantic musical comedy and was shot in Berlin & Italy. 300 artists from 36 countries put their talent into making this film. Bright Blue Gorilla plays the Greek Chorus, so there’s tons of music in the film. The film is in German, Italian & English (with English subtitles). Christiane Paul, who stars in the film, won an International Emmy.  
The sold-out world premiere was at Babylon in Berlin. Audiences are loving the film, see the IMDB reviews.
About Bright Blue Gorilla
After 6 feature films, a dozen CDs, and 28 years on the road, Bright Blue Gorilla has plenty of entertaining stories to share. Producer Robyn Rosenkrantz and Director Michael Glover have been charming audiences around the world since 1990 when they quit their L.A. jobs, sold everything they had (except their guitars) and bought one-way tickets to Europe. They’ve been traveling ever since and are still going strong!  Visit their web site.
At Humph Hall on the 18th the screening of 'Rudolpho's Jubilee' will be preceded by a concert by Bright Blue Gorilla and followed by a Q&A with the film's director and producer.

"It's a total delight, with an off-beat sensibility, appealing to an audience of all ages." - Oscar & Emmy Nominee Pauloa di Florio, Los Angeles.

" An audacious, original, and energetic convergence of music, romance, madcap comedy, and intrigue." - Max Alvarez, Film Historian & Critic, New York

"Best kissing scene since Lady and the Tramp." - Lucas Negroni, Freelance Journalist, Zeit Online, Germany

"Francesco Mazzini's quiet yet winning performance as Mr. Rudolpho . . . Christiane Paul is an utter joy as Anja." - Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

"Greek Chorus is hilarious . . . a recipe from Fellini, Mack Sennett & Woody Allen - areal treat!" - Mei Ling Moore, Former TV Executive, Los Angeles


Posted by christine on
Bright Blue Gorilla and their Sydney debut of Mr Rudolpho's Jubilee at Humph Hall this afternoon was a real treat. The film interwoven with their music was charming, funny and inspirational. Thanks Wayne and Gial for attracting and bringing us such amazing creative people. Not to be missed.
Posted by Sandra Hava on
One of the best shows I've seen at Humph Hall. Robyn and Michael set the mood with a couple of 'political' songs, invited the audience to participate and gave some background information so that we were all excited to see what would unfold in the film. A quirky and uplifting film, I was totally engrossed and didn't want to miss anything as we were led along different paths : lots of hidden messages as the story unfolded and loads of laughs. four stars....

An addiltional treat was a Q&A at the end.
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