Rory McLeod (UK)

3pm, Sunday 26th January 2020

Rory McLeod
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Rory McLeod (UK) : "Touring with Gusto! 2020"

Rhythmic storyteller and multi-instrumentalist Rory McLeod is a travelling troubadour toting stories and songs that are bold, percussive, lyrical and deeply personal. Wielding guitars, harmonicas, trombone, spoons, stomp box, tap shoes, a big heart and a cheeky wit, his shows are enthralling and unforgettable. "I've travelled to look for work, to mend a broken heart, to be with someone I longed for. I'd travel to visit friends and on the way I'd make new ones; I'd roam because I was curious to see what was around the next corner..."

He returns to Australia in Jan/Feb 2020, lugging a swag of new tunes, performing at Cygnet Folk Festival (TAS), Illawarra Folk Festival (NSW) plus some very special shows across Australia.

Visit his web site.

"McLeod is one of the most energetic, most generous performers I've seen." - Doug Spencer, ABC Radio

"Rory is a dynamic live performer - never still or silent, his shows radiate energy. All this dynamism does not obliterate his songs which are always thought-provoking and well crafted. Get hold of one of his albums and come and see one of the folk circuit's greatest live performers." - Venue magazine, Bristol (UK)

"...he inspired both a standing ovation on the main stage and widespread enthusiasm at his many workshops." - The Ubyssey, Vancouver Folk Festival (Canada)

"The charismatic British storytelling troubadour, proved to be very entertaining as he tripped passionately through highly original and distinctive self-penned material. Rory is a confident conversationalist." - Beat Magazine, Melbourne

"...eloquently expressed ideas are set to vibrant, dynamic music with bouncy rhythms, infectious riffs and nifty tunes. McLeod transmitted a pure joy of music making ..." - St Louis Post-Despatch (USA)

"He immediately won the hearts of people by playing a tune on his harmonica to a crying baby, who was so astounded that it stopped crying (temporarily)! For an encore he played Back to Donegal at the request of the crowd which did not want to see him go." - Mary Evans, Sidmouth Herald (UK)

"Like a human organ-grinder..." - City Pages, Minneapolis (USA)

"Rory McLeod was another revelation ... He also proved to be a risk-taking performer leaving the Tinely stage during a harmonica piece to walk among the audience, completing the tune without the PA system!" - Dirty Linen, Womad Festival, Toronto (Canada)

"If you're up there God, then please look after Rompin' Rory, some of us down here need this boy more than breath, love and tears" - Dick Barnes (UK)

"You don't listen to McLeod you travel with him" - City Hub, Sydney (Australia)

"Rory McLeod has a profound disadvantage - for pigeon-holers and hacks - that he is so original it's nigh impossible to compare him with anyone else. Writing songs packed with streams of words, often so dense that the casual listener could easily let the craft, beauty and power of the content slip by. An awe inspiring live performer who, you discover when you repay his craft with the scrutiny it deserves, writes quite brilliant songs." - Ian Anderson, Folk Roots (UK)

"The evening came to a close with Learning To Walk Again, a perfect end to a perfect encore and another reason why the crowd did not want him to leave." - Revolver, Sydney

"Atavistic peoples' music ... something uncommon and most certainly an endangered species. You'll know Rory when you see him - above all don't miss him next time he's here." - Molly McAnailly Burke, Hot Press (Ireland)


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