Don't Encourage Them!

7pm, Sunday 12th May 2016

Men with Day Jobs

“Don’t Encourage Them” - Men With Day Jobs + Aubrey & Purton

On May 12, Humph Hall will fill with music and laughter as we bring together four of Sydney’s quirkiest and most original songwriters and performers – and we warn you, “Don’t Encourage Them”.

Rod Crundwell and Stafford Sanders, musical partners for over fifty years, are the driving force behind Men With Day Jobs – one of our most popular acts at the Humph. They’ve worked together for more than 50 years, made five albums with the Men, and delighted audiences in top small venues and festivals and on YouTube with their strong and varied originals and crowd-engaging antics. 

Recently they’ve been gigging with singer-songwriters Dennis Aubrey and Pete Purton, who’ve spent thousands of hours bringing a special chemistry to their vast repertoire of originals and covers since teaming up as buskers in 2008.  

These four gleeful geezers promise a night of terrific songs – originals and amusing classic covers. Great harmonies, fine playing, jokes, stories, passion – please enjoy, sing along if you must . . . but whatever you do, don’t encourage them!

Visit their Facebook site.

"Fabulous voices, fabulous songs, fabulous presentation . . .  oh, and very, very funny as well!  What more can one ask for!"


Posted by Virginia Grimsby-Trussington on
Dear Humph Hall,
I am deeply concerned at your allowance of these salacious so-called "entertainers" in what was once a hallowed chamber of worship. These people are well known for encouraging a range of spontaneous behaviours in your all-too-impressionable audience. We of the Committee to Re-elect Tony Abbott do not intend to take this lying down. O)r in any other position.
Very deeply miffed,
Yours in self-righteousness,
Virginia Grimsby-Trussington (Mrs)
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