Live from Humph Hall (Loosely Woven)

1.30pm, Friday 19th March 2021

Loosely Woven
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A free, light-hearted, folky, acoustic concert/cabaret streamed 'live' over the Internet . . .

Loosely Woven is a community based group of people who put together and perform two to three new shows each year. Loosely Woven is the main reason Gial and I bought the former Allambie Heights Uniting Church and established Humph Hall in the first place.

Covid-19 brought our public performances and even our rehearsals to a sudden halt following the final performance of our 'On the road' concert in Gunning court house in March 2020.  In addition to our public concerts we usually also perform 22 concerts every year in retirement villages across the state.  We still can't go into such places in person but now that it is safe for us to at least come together as a group we are going to stream a concert 'live' over the Internet (via YouTube) directly into every retirement village we've ever performed in as well as any other such establishment that wants to participate! 

As usual the approximately 75 minute program will include a huge variety of songs most of which are well known but all really enjoyable!

Instruments this time will include violins, viola, flute, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, harp, melodicas, glockenspiel, harmonium, guitars, ukuleles, keyboard and percussion.

The easiest way to find the concert is to go to YouTube ( and search for 'Live from Humph Hall'.

Alternatively you can click here (or go to shortly before the start time of:

1.30pm, (Sydney time)
1pm, Adelaide
10.30am, Perth
9.30pm, New York (Thursday 17th)
8.30pm, Chicago (Thursday 17th)
6.30pm, San Francisco/Los Angeles (Thursday 17th)
3.30pm, New Zealand
2.30am, London - Sorry about that!   :-(
Not great timing for you Poms but, of course, a recording of the concert will remain on YouTube which can be watched by anyone at any time - not as good as being part of the ‘live’ experience but better than nothing!
If you are planning on participating you might like to let me know via email so that I can give you a special 'shout out' doing the concert!

"I LOVE being moved by the beautiful and varied song choices, stunning arrangements, the message of the songs and the emotional connection to the songs."

" . . . this fascinating and fun-filled group provided an excellent afternoon of entertainment!"

"Once again a great performance.  I have seen performances by choirs this year and they are not a patch on your concert . . . the quality of the performance was exceptional this year.  I have never met anyone who did not leave one of your concerts without their spirits greatly uplifted."

"Loosely Woven is unique. An amoebic mass of performing musicians, singers and dancers who range from absolute beginners to the classically trained and even boasting a music professor. The group, ranging in age from 20 to 70, ebbs and flows with a constant influx of newcomers, frequent recidivists and a small core of foundation members."

"Loosely Woven groupies never know what the next concert will bring, and that's the way we like it! Keep your eyes peeled for the next one and make a big effort to attend – you won't regret it!" 


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