Transcending Fear (film)

7pm, Friday 5th December 2014

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Free screening of a film telling The Story of Gao Zhisheng.

Born in a cave with only stars to tell time, Gao Zhisheng overcomes incredible odds to become one of China’s top attorneys. The people call him “the Conscience of China.” But then, in the eyes of the Communist Party, his pursuit of justice goes too far.

After speaking out against taboo human rights abuses, Gao is abducted, tortured. Secret police hold his wife and children hostage. In a heart-wrenching dilemma, Gao is forced to choose between his lifelong quest for justice and his love for his family. Which path will he take? And what price will he have to pay?

A story of cruelty, courage and compassion, this film is a must-see for anyone wishing to understand the tensions bubbling below the surface of today’s China—or to meet one of the most noble freedom fighters of our time.

Transcending Fear is now available for viewing here.

"My road is paved with snares and thorns.  It is coloured with the blood and tears of those who have walked before me . . .

It is for the sake of this land called China that we make our way through the ordeal.  Ours is a path that leads to glory and justice."

Gao Zhisheng

"What an excellent film. Heartiest congratulations to Wenjing (Wendy) Ma, director and producer of this film. Ms. Ma has done an enormous service to Gao and his family, to the Chinese people, and to human dignity and the rule of law across China."


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