Edwina & Deko (Berlin)

7pm, Friday 3rd March 2017

Edwina & Deko (Berlin)
Publicity Material

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Leaflet (PDF - 3up) 

Edwina & Deko crossed paths in a German class in Berlin, far from their seaside homes of Australia and Italy. There they discovered a shared passion for the sound of the 60s and began their duo project touring and songwriting. Deko (Enrico Decolle), is a songwriter, musician and producer from Trieste. Edwina is originally from Newport on Sydney’s own northern beaches.

Their original songs tell the story of their journey from their roots in Australia and Italy to their adopted home in Berlin, Germany, featuring warm harmonies, raw emotions and a pure acoustic sound typical of 60s folk music with the slightest touch of bluegrass and country-western around the edges. The concert will feature songs from their first album “Berlin Seasons” released in 2014 and from their latest album “Easy Road” just released. Edwina & Deko are an on-the-road project. They have taken their music to Germany, Italy and France and now for the first time as a duo, home to Australia. 

Visit their web site.

“The recipe is tested and exquisite: a banjo, guitars (mainly acoustic), dobro, mandolin, piano, harmonicas and the magical interplay of the voices of Enrico “Deko” Decolle and Edwina Dunn...Folk, country, western and poetry meet the Italian tradition of this musician from Trieste, Morricone soundtracks  Trieste musician, memories of Morricone soundtracks and the air of soul that exudes from the voice of the Australian songwriter” - Barbara Santi, Rumore Italian Music Magazine

Easy Road, the second album of the Italian-Australian Berlin-based duo, after “Berlin Seasons” (and after Deko’s magical “The Last Goodbye”) only confirms that they are talented songwriters. We could define these as urban folk songs, where Giant Sand and Morricone meets The Shadows, Johnny Cash & June Carter in a sort of contemporary mix... A sincere album, recorded live, with hearts close to their vocal chords. Their songs are both touching and joyful, melancholic and hopeful." - Piero Pieri, RAI Radio, Italy

“What they excel at is the craft of songwriting and storytelling, part of the process that is so often overlooked these days..the duo share what can only be stories from their past . . . This is a raw collection of songs with very little production but that's the way acoustic folk songs ought to be presented so as not to detract from the important lyrical content . . . A fine collection of songs indeed and I would urge you to make a big mug of tea before spending some time getting wrapped up in the stories contained within each one of them.” - Listen with Monger, Music Blog, UK


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