Alistair Brown (UK) + The Peppercorns

7pm, Friday 13th March 2020

Alistair Brown
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Alistair Brown (UK)

Alistair Brown has been singing the old songs, and new songs written by people who like the old songs, since he was fifteen years old. He began his career helping out in the folk clubs of his native Scotland during the folk revival of the 60s, selling tickets, & opening bottles (and occasionally concerts) for many of the great names in folk music.

Audiences at concerts and festivals across North America, Australia, New Zealand and the UK have responded enthusiastically to his performances, covering the field from big ballads, comic ditties, songs of struggles (usually unsuccessful) against temptation, odes to conviviality and songs of unashamed sentimentality, to outrageously funny stories from a master of the art - all this accompanied by anglo concertinas and button accordion.

Visit his web site.

The Peppercorns

The Peppercorns are

Craig Sinclair (guitar, vocals)
Lara Norman (violin, mandolin, vocals)

Hailing from the south coast of WA, this Sydney-based duo bring together a wealth of musical influences on their bluegrass, swing and old-timey inspired folk tunes. Using a traditional single microphone approach, they weave together delicate string arrangements, soaring harmonies and timeless lyrics to create a sound both intimate and powerful. With a new album release and festival bookings on both sides of the country, the Peppercorns are in full voice and excited to bring their signature sound to Humph Hall on Friday March 13th.

Visit their web site.

Alistair Brown

“You can judge a performer by his technical skills and by his ability to captivate an audience. On both counts Alistair Brown came out tops ... Alistair held the entire audience to the end with his engaging manner, his cleverly timed patter and his professional delivery of a wide range of songs. The audience were glued to their seats. He is welcome back to the Illawarra Folk Club any time he is back in the country.” - Russell Hannah Illawarra Folk Club, New South Wales

"Alistair is the real deal. His Scots accent and wit are irresistible to dancers of all ages, and this added to his knowledge and genuine love of the idiom plus his sheer musicality are what make him such a fine dance caller. I've heard fellow musicians say: 'ah, Alistair is calling, we can relax, it'll be good' and we feel the same, year in and year out!" - Wendy Jeenes, Newlyn Reelers Barndance/ceilidh band

"With total commitment to his audience, Alistair, with his unique range of songs and tunes, from the comic to the deeply moving, entertains at the highest level. A huge favourite at Dreamers." - Kitty Timmins, Dreamers Folk, Cornwall

"Alistair in great voice led the Bodmin chorus through favourite songs from Scotland and Canada, interspersed with tunes, the odd monologue and, of course, his own form of wit. Lovely night and good to hear some old songs as well as the new” - Mike Freemantle, Bodmin Folk Club

“Last night I had the privilege to host an evening at the Devonport Folk Music Club with guest, Alistair Brown, who certainly lived up to his reputation. He held our discerning audience in the palm of his hand whilst singing two sets of songs from the folk club tradition, beautifully accompanied on concertina and introduced with humour and authority. He would be welcome back here anytime.” - Roger Giles, Devonport Folk Music Club, NZ 

The Peppercorns

"The Peppercorns are rock solid proof that the sum can be greater than the parts. Theirs is that special union that delivers naturally wrought harmony and songs with genuine ease and warmth. It leaves you feeling like... yep this is meant to be." - Rod Vervest (Fairbridge Festival Artistic Director)


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