Deta & Rob + Mensch, Monique!

7pm, Friday 27th January, 2023

The BeezMenschMonique

Deta & Rob Rayner from 'The Beez' - Stranded in Australia!!

That´s right! Probably the only international act currently in the country-and loving it! Deta C. Rayner (accordion & vocals) and Rob Rayner (guitar and vocals) unwittingly missed the Last Plane Out of Sydney and will be presenting a yodellin´, thigh slappin’, lederhosen wettin´ fest of Beez music featuring the Beatific Beats of  their Bavarian Boombox. You´ll thrill to comic classics from the likes of Rammstein and Bonnie Tyler; you´ll tear off that dirndl and shake a Teutonic Tailfeather when you catch a glimpse of Nena´s 99 Red Balloons; you´ll swoon to Marlene Dietrich´s  Lili Marlene; you´ll  jive to Germafied Oz Rock Classics from Oils to Icehouse but, most of all, you´ll be entertained-and that´s an order!

The Beez 2020 Australian tour was rudely interrupted in March 2020, so here they are to make amends with an evening of  Dancefloor -Compatible Deutsche Derring-Do, featuring Deta´s fabulous „Brunhilde Bass“ accordion . One octave below the conventional accordion bass, this is an Alp-quaking  tone of Wagnerian proportions. Melded with Rob´s custom Höfner „Blitzkrieg“ guitar, it´s an irresistable rockin´ polka machine held together by the marching rhythms of a loop machine by the name of Wolfgang Amadeus and, of course, those gorgeous harmonies and cabaret sensibilties which  are the icing on the Schwarwälderkirschtorte.

Deta and Rob both hail from Berlin; their band The Beez performs around 120 shows a year throughout Europe and Australia. They´ve appeared on ABC TV´s Spicks and Specks and at just about every  folk festival you care to think of.

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Mensch, Monique!

Mensch, Monique! cruise with compass in search of waves.
Hunt the median strip.
Love a slow waltz down the boulevard.
Get drunk on the storm and the calm before it.
Peer down at the clouds from above and chew gum under water.
Have questions.
Will definitely tidy up their bedrooms tomorrow.
Savour the moments when time dawdles and yet welcome his arrival.
Mensch, Monique! are the joie de vivre of Berlin Kreuzberg Bohemia, life on the land by the lake, and the deep blue sea.
Mensch, Monique! are mostly 2 voices, a guitar and an acoustic bass.
Mensch, Monique! are Jule Schroeder (ex The Beez) and Georg Sassnowski ( ex treme little sleep).

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