Afenginn (Denmark)

3pm, Sunday 4th January 2015

Publicity Material

Poster (PDFJPG)
Leaflet (PDF - 3up) 

"Music with the cinematic feel of classical music, the Scandinavian feel of melancholy and the speed of Balkan."

Afenginn consists of:

Kim Rafael Nyberg (mandolin, mandola)
Rasmus Kroyer (clarinet)
Niels Skovmand (violin)
Erik Olevik (bass)
Rune Kofoed (drums) 

Inquisitive, playful and imaginative, this acclaimed Danish band takes an anarchic approach to traditional musical structures. Meaning "intoxication and strength", Afenginn delivers fast-paced, high-octane shows fuelled by great joy, always seeking to cross borders and push the limits of their virtuosity and live performances.

Formed in Copenhagen in 2002, Afenginn has built up a reputation of virtuosity and excellent live shows worldwide. Their compositions range from lyrical and picturesque compositions to jagged up-tempo numbers in odd time signatures, always with a special rhythmic and melodic finesse which characterises Afenginn.

Their own term for the band’s musical style is "Bastard Ethno” and have won them three Danish Music Awards and several grants and nominations. 

Visit Afenginn's web site

"Afenginn is music with the cinematic feel of classical music, the Scandinavian feel of melancholy and the speed of Balkan."

"Some kind of indefinable central European Balkan music with klezmer elements and classical influences. A very unique kind of music."

"A celebration of light that flows like electricity fairly evenly through a duct. Quiet sounds, almost inviting to meditation, which foundation is based on Klezmer Nordic fiddlermusic and Balkan folklore and very occasionally a little harder and punk-like bursts."


Posted by paul on
What a great afternoon of music, thank you Humph Hall for the opportunity to get to know this band. I'm sitting here on a cicada filled steamy morning listening to their album Reptilica Polaris - what a fantastic, rich and complex discovery.
Posted by Reimimb on
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