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Posted by Hazza on
Keep up the good work :)
Posted by Tricia Elgar on
Hi - I've been searching for an arrangement of Meet Me in the Middle of the Air for over a year now - very excited to see yours turn up during my search today.

Would you let me know if it is legal to use this arrangement for my church and school choirs? I've not been able to find a contact for Paul Kelly to request permission to make my own arrangement.

Many thanks.
Posted by Max Prince on
Dear Wayne, I would like to book two seats in the front row for the Wave concert which a group called Loosely Woven are going to perform in Humph Hall at 1.00pm on Sunday 22 March 2015. Yours, Prince Max with no knighthood.
Posted by Janice Beddia on
I have been searching (and searching) for the sheet music to "Are My ears on Straight" and saw your rendition on Youtube which you did in 2012. By the way,it was really good. Can you tell me where you got your music? Can I perhaps get a copy? The internet is absolutely frustrating and it tells me that it is non-existent. We are a small group in a city called The Villages, in Florida, U.S.A. and wanted to use this song in our yearly sing-along Christmas show.
Any particulars you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated.
Janice Beddia
Posted by Cathy Duffy on
Hi Wayne
I have two anglo concertinas for sale & was told you may be able to put them up on your site
They are:
30key Lachenal C/G 7fold bellows
Mint condition in original case
$5000 ono.

24key Lachenal C/G
Original condition w/case
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Posted by marina on
How much is the Jez Lowe concert?
Posted by Tami on
I had not heard the hymn/carol "Standing in the Rain" until I heard your version on You Tube. Could you please tell me how to obtain a copy of the arrangement you used? It is wonderful!
Thanks so very much.
Tami from Texas
Posted by Eli Beverley-Schack on
Attended your wonderful venue and experienced your wife's generous spirit, delicious scones & dips while experiencing the wonderful and emotive strains of Edwina & Deko.
Loved the spell of the Hall and your energy.
We will be back regularly....and of-course, spreading the good oil.
Sharon & Eli
Posted by riChardpl on
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Гарантированный результат!


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Работа на дому для всех!
Гарантированный результат!


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